How we pick the apartments

We work with some of the best agents in Lucca to find the perfect place for your stay. Sara, through her years of working and traveling in Italy, has learned that housing is fundamental to your stay - when you're not happy with it, you're not happy with just about everything else. So, here are her criteria when deciding whether a place is up to snuff:

  • it is a beautiful, inspiring, and inviting space

  • it isn't too noisy

  • the beds are comfortable

  • the kitchen and bathroom are modern/updated and well-appointed

  • it has wi-fi and Sky

  • it's a place she would want to stay!

After you book your trip, we'll contact you and start on finding the perfect place during your stay.

If you're looking for something specific, or have questions, contact us and we'll work with you!


If an apartment just isn't your thing, you're welcome to upgrade to a 4-star hotel or residenza d'epoca for your vacation. Our hotels of choice are Hotel Ilaria and San Luca Palace.

The cost for the upgrade is $1000 per couple/$700 per single for a hotel and $700 per couple/$500 per single for a residenza d'epoca. Breakfast is included for both choices.

Why no 5-star? There is only one 5-star hotel in Lucca, and its rating has been repeatedly brought into question by guests. The management seems to delight in verbally acosting Tripadvisor users who spoke up about their sub-par experiences. This really isn't what we want for you and for that reason we're sticking to places with an excellent reputation.

Just a few notes on housing in Italy:

  • Lucca is noisy in general--that is part of its charm and excitement. If you want complete-ish silence, you'll need to stay outside the walls (which can be arranged, if you want...but it's way more fun inside). If you're not one of those lucky people who can snore their way through a tornado, bring earplugs, noise canceling headphones, white noise - whatever it is that will help you sleep.
  • very few places have elevators because it's a monumental achievement to put one in a 12th-century (or older) palace. Almost all places involve climbing stairs as the bottom floor (piano terra) is usually retail space. We will assist you with your luggage on arrival and departure, but if an elevator is a must, you'll probably need to stay in a hotel.