The cost for your hand-picked experience, exclusive of air fare: $6700

“Sara, you provided so many opportunities to get to know the REAL Italy, an Italy I could never have accessed on my own as a tourist. Nothing will EVER top my two summers in Spoleto. You ran such a wonderful program. It was a blast in large part due to YOU."  

-Julia Guichard

Included in your Breaking Italian experience

We take care of you from the moment you land till the moment you leave.


  • self-guided tours for the days you don't want to be tethered to one of our amazing guides (it's okay; we understand!)
  • museum admission (where applicable)
  • conversational Italian in a relaxed and fun setting
  • a bicycle
  • on-site company manager to help you with everything from going to the doctor (knock wood) to navigating the trains, to finding you some contact solution
  • full-time services of Breaking Italian owner and operator, Sara Danner Dukic.
  • pre-trip personal consultation via phone or video chat
  • welcome and farewell dinners
  • tips
  • surprise gifts
  • your chosen immersive learning track, and all its associated materials and activities (only one track per person, per trip is feasible).
  • yoga (number of sessions subject to availability)
  • downloadable travel meditation
  • airport pickup and ground transportation* to your apartment (we'll take care of you on the return as well)
  • an apartment within the walls of Lucca for 10 nights
  • regular cleaning of your apartment (or not, if you prefer)
  • a cell phone - so you can call us, or each other, or your new Italian friends
  • a stocked kitchen upon your arrival - tell us what you want and it will be waiting when you open the door.**
  • 4 group outings (meal included with most outings)
  • 5 vouchers for dinner (or lunch, if you prefer) at some of Lucca’s best and beloved restaurants***

*to/from Pisa or Florence. Pickup/transfer from other cities can be arranged with advance notice and will carry an additional charge.

**limited to $75/person. We will happily get you additional items, at an additional cost.

'*' no refunds are given for unused vouchers or for opting out of activities.

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Extras available at additional cost

  • upgrade your housing to a 4-star hotel*
  • extra outings
  • extra meal vouchers
  • a seat on our group flight
  • laundry service
  • additional minutes on your cell phone (beyond what was already pre-loaded upon your arrival)
  • Personal chef
  • Single supplement for solo travelers

*there are no 5-star hotels within the walls of Lucca. Well, there is supposedly one, but most of the people who have stayed there find that rating questionable and the management seems to delight in writing caustic responses to anyone who doesn't give them the review they want on Tripadvisor. Not exactly the kind of experience we want for you.

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