Not quite ready for a full service trip with us?  That’s cool.

I can still help you plan your dream trip, or PERFECT YOUR Italian.

Pacis, strollers, carseats, tiny headphones, in-flight goody bags, Daniel Tiger on command...

...all things to think about when your little peeps are along for the ride.  I've been there, done that, and will help you actually enjoy a special trip with your cuddle bunnies.  Motherhood and travel don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Cake, flowers, music...stand lights & spirit gum?

I've logged around 20,000 hours planning events and performances in Italy.  Let's put some of that experience to use for your event, m'kay?  Let ME worry about finding the best vendors, getting permits (did you know you have to have a permit and pay royalties just about any time music is played publicly - even for a wedding?), coordinating ground transportation, renting marching band costumes (if that's your thing), and securing the perfect venue.

My main areas of expertise are Lucca and Spoleto - I lived and worked in both of these places for several years.  However, I’ve also visited these cities one or more times, and in a variety of ways (train, car, etc.):

  • Rome

  • Ostia Antica (Rome)

  • Florence

  • Viareggio

  • Torre del Lago

  • Pietrasanta

  • Avellino

  • Pompeii

  • Napoli

  • Parma

  • Verona

  • Genova

  • Elba

  • Bologna

  • Venice

  • Assisi

  • Perugia

  • Bergamo/Milano

  • Chianti/Greve