You’ve seen a lot and done a lot.  You’ve backpacked, washed your underwear in the sink, slept in questionable “hotels” and met some interesting characters along the way.  And you still love the freedom of travel, but dammit, you just don’t feel like spending hours (well, let’s be honest - days) on the internet to figure it all out, and you don’t want to arrive and find out your apartment’s (1) actually a 30-minute walk to where all the cool stuff is (2) completely void of toilet paper and soap, and (3) right next to the train tracks.  You don’t want to be stuck in some corner of God-knows-where in Florence, trying to figure out the bus and train and taxi so that you can get to where you’re going.  You don’t want to sleep with strangers and their stinky socks, while protectively cuddling your wallet and passport, on an overnight train.  That was all fine and good in your twenties, but now mama needs a comfy bed, a guarantee of good coffee, and to arrive at her final destination without being a sweaty, crumpled, stressed-out mess.

Wouldn’t it be divine to have those I-love-life, salt-of-the-earth, human connections and experiences that come with travel BUT ALSO:

  • Have someone waiting for you at the airport, drive you directly to your apartment, and carry your bags up the stairs?

  • Open the door to your apartment and find all your creature comforts waiting for you - which means tomorrow morning you can sleep in, and then make yourself coffee & breakfast whenever the hell you want?

  • Know that someone's around to...find you some contact solution/take you to the doctor (knock wood)/help you retrieve your bank card that just got eaten by the ATM/insert -travel-woe-here so that you can just immerse yourself in the experience of Italy?

You can still have your adventures, minus the headaches of adventurous traveling.  

Read about the full experience we offer right here.

So, is this for you or not?

If this is you, I can’t wait to meet you:

  • You enjoy creative types, including their interesting hairstyles, outfits and tatts

  • Colorful language is not a deal breaker (not saying we swear like sailors, but sometimes an F-bomb is the only thing that will suffice)

  • You love learning about other people and cultures

  • You're willing to try speaking to someone in their own language

  • You love art & good design

  • You want something more than big-name, pre-packaged, city-a-day deals

If this is you, you might want to go with a company that better fits your needs:

  • When you travel, you want everything to be exactly like it is at home - if it's not, you get frustrated and grumpy

  • Colorful language IS a deal breaker

  • You're all for checking out the local scene, but a few hours is fine.  You find a lot of comfort in being able to return to your American-style stateroom, resort, hotel room, etc. 

  • You hate walking

If you still have questions, you might check out the FAQs.