Below is an example of what a typical stay with us might look like.  Itineraries for individual vacations will vary based on group interests, venue availability, and desired activity levels.  When you book, we'll ask you a series of questions to help us get a sense of what each group wants, and on some days we may even split up.  For example, if half the group says they're more into the drinking cocktails and people watching level of activity, and the other half says they want to hike and bike as much as possible, it would be better for all involved for us to divide and conquer on certain days.

You’ll notice San Colombano is our regular meetup/cocktail place - it’s a wonderful, modern bar and restaurant up on the walls.  Just getting there is fun.  You’re by no means required to go to the cocktail hour (or anything, for that matter).  It’s just a chance to practice and learn some Italian, and chat with other people in the group.  Same goes for yoga - it's just an added bonus you could take advantage of if you want.

When meals are listed as part of an activity, it means the meal is included at no extra cost.  Typically a glass or two of wine is included with the meal; anything beyond that is on you.

Day 1 (Saturday):

Arrivals through around 5:00 pm

7:30 pm: Welcome dinner at San Colombano

Day 2 (Sunday):

11:00 am: Guided tour of Lucca

Afternoon free for exploring/resting

7:00 pm: cocktail hour/Italian conversation at San Colombano

Day 3 (Monday):

11:00 am: The art of pizza at Local Food

1:00 pm: lunch at Local Food (eat the pizza you’ve made!)

7:00 pm: cocktail hour/Italian conversation at San Colombano

Day 4 (Tuesday)

8:00 am: meet in Piazzale Verdi

8:15 am: depart for Florence

9:30 am: backstage/costume shop visits; rehearsal observations

1:00 pm: lunch at Osteria delle Belle Donne

3:30 pm: Florentine site-seeing

5:30 pm: return to Lucca (arrive around 6:30 pm)

evening free to cook/go out with friends/entertain

Day 5 (Wednesday):

Free day to explore

7:00 pm: cocktail hour/Italian conversation at San Colombano

Day 6 (Thursday):

Immersive Learning Track Day (schedules vary by track)

7:00 pm: cocktail hour/Italian conversation at San Colombano

Day 7 (Friday):

8:45 am: meet in Piazzale Verdi

9:00 am: depart for Garfagnana

9:45 am: Tour of Castle & Tower at Ghivizzano Castello, followed by tastings of salumi, prosciutto, beer, cheese, wine and more with the guys from Antica Norcineria.

2:00 pm (approximately): return to Lucca; pitstop at Ponte di Diavolo and Barga

evening free

Day 8 (Saturday):

9:00 am: meet in Piazzale Verdi

9:15 am: depart for beach

10:00 am: horseback ride with Mattea Piazzesi

(lunch provided on site)

2:00 pm (approximately): return to Lucca

evening free

Day 9 (Sunday):

10:00 am: meet at Piazza Santa Maria, with bikes

10:15 am: depart for group bike ride around walls and surrounding area

6:30 pm: cocktail hour/Italian conversation at San Colombano

Day 10 (Monday):

Morning/afternoon free for packing and last-minute shopping

6:45 pm: meet in Piazzale Verdi

7:00 pm: depart for Villa Volpi

7:30 pm: Farewell dinner at Villa Volpi

Tuesday: departures