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Hired Services

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You love travel and want something unique and special, but the thought of trying to figure out apartments that aren’t in some sketchy neighborhood, how to get from A to B without missing the train or getting off at the wrong stop, not being able to figure out taxis, etc. is giving you heart palpitations.  Plus, what if you wake up with a monster cold and need some drugs, pronto?  Or if you lose your passport?  Or you get there and decide you want to get your BFF an amazing wallet - who can tell you where to go?  Planning this makes you want to say “effit,” order a pizza, and binge-watch Breaking Bad.

I have something for that: Hired Services, starting at $550.

This includes: 

  • Unlimited emails, plus a video chat (if you want one)

  • I find the accommodations that best fit your needs, figure out the best way to get you from A to B, and book everything on your behalf, plus give any other advice you need

  • on-site services of one of my team members for things like help if you lose your passport, your bank card gets eaten, you need an antibiotic, doctor’s visits, and so on.

If your trip lasts more than 2 weeks, additional charges may apply.

It's understood that the time window for unlimited emails is before & during the trip for which you're booking services.  Once your trip ends, so do the services.

By booking this service, you agree to its terms & conditions and this waiver.  Please read carefully.