The argument for slower travel

You know those trips where you’re so busy and stressed that you need a vacation after your vacation?  Yeah, this isn’t one of those.  We firmly believe in allowing some time and space to recharge, savor and connect to other human beings.  If you’re going to the trouble and expense of traveling far from home, why not have an experience that nurtures you inside and out? Downtime isn’t your ride on the bus to the next town.  With slow travel (which to us means staying at one home base for all or most of your trip), downtime can be almost anything you want - do yoga, take a walk, sleep in, cook, explore on your own.  Or, better yet, get to know the locals.  With Breaking Italian, we purposely try not to schedule things uber early so that you have time to savor the morning, and we weave downtime in between carpe diem so that you can actually carpe diem.

There are so many great reasons this type of travel is soul food - here’s a list of Sara’s top 10.

And you might want to check out this sample itinerary.